Saturday, September 25, 2004

Dumb and Dumber

New Iran missiles can reach London

Iran said today it has successfully test-fired a long-range "strategic missile" and delivered it to its armed forces, saying it is now prepared to deal with any regional threats and even the "big powers."

Iran's new missiles can reach London, Paris, Berlin and southern Russia, according to weapons and intelligence analysts.

Prepared to deal with the "big powers?" Who are they kidding. Do they have any idea what the big powers are really capable of? The problem with Iran is it is run by insane Muslim clerics (are there any other kind?) and they would not be allowed to proceed any further in their nuclear program if the "big powers" had any sense at all.

For those who don't think that is fair should seriously consider the fact that the countries that have nuclear weapons at this time are sane and interested in the preservation of life - especially life in their own country. Iranian mullahs or whatever they call themselves would gladly sacrifice the life of everyone in the world except that of their immediate families just to be able to kill a few Jews. Got to do the will of allah, don't you know.

Kerry Faults Bush for Pursuing Saddam

Kerry either has no clue whatsoever what we are involved in or doesn't care and just wants to be President at all costs. Either way, electing this guy would be a serious mistake.

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