Sunday, September 05, 2004

It Weakened But It Won't Go Away

The wind and rain came and went again and again. The power went off around 1am Sunday and I went to bed. It was windy and raining but not scary. I woke up to the same thing. I opened the front door and saw no major damage. There is a branch on the ground. One branch. It's not over though and although it hasn't gotten worse it is steady bad. I can hear some metal slamming around somewhere across the street but I can't see anything. Power is still off, of course, but I have an invertor connected to a spare car battery and it is running a radio, light and fan, plus charging the cell phone and flashlight. If I can find an antenna I will hook up the TV. The cable is out. The battery is lasting an amazingly long time.

I am keeping the front door open to let some cool air and light in here. The turkeys were out in the rain looking for food. They looked pathetic all wet but didn't seem to be bothered too much. The horses and cows look like nothing is going on, they're just going about their business. I haven't seen any people and I don't see any damage to my neighbors houses.

I talked to Irma and they lost power this morning after everyone showered. How convenient. They have a grill to cook on and I asked if they delivered. Not yet. James is doing fine but she said he wants to go home and he keeps asking where Daddy is. I wish they had just stayed here.

This storm wasn't as bad as Charlie was, at least not in this area. I hope they are able to restore power much faster this time. If it weren't for the power outage everything would be fine.

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