Saturday, September 04, 2004

Find a New Religion

I have to say I agree with Daniel (language alert):

Religion of peace my aching ass. Any religion that can even remotely see in it's heart to kidnap and kill children deserves, no, needs to be wiped from the face of the earth at any cost.

If you truly are the peaceful type and are appalled at what the "sword of Islam" does (has always done, is doing, will continue to do - until they are all dead) - change your religion. Find something else. If you say your religion was hijacked or what ever, fine, let them have it and find a new one. GOD IS NOT THERE!!! HE just isn't. So it doesn't matter, you might as well draw a face on a log and pray to it because you will get the same effect. And as nice as you are, as friendly and peace loving as you may be - if you call yourself a muslim - I have to look at you like I would a guy kneeling in front of that log. I'll treat you with respect, you have your right, and I'll be nice and friendly to you, but I will - in the back of my mind - forever wonder about your sanity. God is not there.

Look at creation. Look at the world around you. Look at the heavens, the stars, the universe. How great is it? How beautiful? How wonderfully designed? Look at a tree, the leaves, the animals that live there. Look at it's place in the environment. How does it fit in, what does it do? Look at the laws of the universe - the laws of physics. There is unending beauty in all of creation, from the grandest star down to the unseen smallest parts that make up the elements. Look at a beautiful, little child. You couldn't dream up something so beautiful.

Do you really think the God that created the universe, that created human beings and the process of procreation and the human family, would want you to scare, torture, maim, or kill as many as possible in order to spread His Word. Are you kidding! God is not there! There is no god in islam! That religion is completely opposite of everything created. It is the religion in opposition to the God and Creator of the universe. I'm not saying He is a part of every other religion in the world - just that He is definitely not in islam. No way, no how. You want to kill me because I say that - you make my point.

God wants you to be free. Free to think about what you are doing and why. Free to choose His way, the way He has revealed would benefit us and allow us to live life to the fullest, or to choose our own way. He has revealed the consequences of those choices. He doesn't make us do anything. If we bring misery on ourselves and others because of our choices, so be it - it is still our choice. There is alot of that going on. Islam grabs you and forces you into a way of life. You can't think for yourself. You can't choose anything but what they say.

Two things further. Read The New Islamic Empire and read A Tale of Two Trees

Think about what you are doing and why.

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