Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11

I wrote my 9/11 rant on the 8th but I feel I have to say something today as well. 9/11 is not something I've forgotten most of the time and just remember once a year. To me, that day was the alarm that really woke me up. Sadly, it seems, too many of us have just hit the snooze bar. We in this country have not taken this warning as seriously as we should have. We are so busy arguing about what to do that we aren't doing everything neccessary to protect ourselves. Those not in the argument have their fingers in their ears and just want to forget it completly.

9/11 was not just a one time attack. The people that perpetrated this act have declared, loud and clear, their intention of destroying this country and our way of life. They have also shown the ability to do so, not by direct assault, but by slipping in unaware, attacking our rear and our women and children. Nothing is off limits to them. They use our good will, our good intentions, our generosity, and our laws against us. And we let them. The worst thing anyone can do in this country these days is even giving the appearance of offending someone. We don't recognize evil when we see it, even when it rears it's ugly head and bites us. No, it's just an abberation, that's the religion of peace, it's just a few nuts doing that jihad stuff, that's not what they're all about. The only Muslims not speaking out against us are those in this country and those in this country are quiet as a mouse. You are not welcome in their places of worship. While I have no doubt that many, if not most, have no evil intentions beyond spreading their religion in a peaceful way to all Americans, taken as a whole, worldwide, Islam is the incarnation of evil in our times.

I'm not advocating violence against Muslims in America - no - not at all. I am advocating searching for and recognizing the truth - by all Americans. If you live in America and you love America and you want to continue living here in peace, as most of us do, then perhaps it would be beneficial if you were not a member of, unarguably, the most violent, intolerant, hate-filled religion ever seen in modern times. Perhaps not as practised in America but do you really want to be associated with that image, with that god? You are, whether you like it or not. And when the world has finally had enough of seeing our children slaughtered by yet another muslim, and it is not going to stop as you know, do you really want to be standing under that banner? The good will go with the bad. Not everyone in the Nazi party was a hate filled, evil killing machine but when the world finally woke up and had enough the last thing on earth you wanted to be was a Nazi. Germany was destroyed, along with most of Europe, not because they were all evil but because that was where the evil was.

I don't think I will leave this mp3 here for very long so download it now if you want to hear it. It brings some sanity and clear thinking to a subject people don't like to hear. Thinking About War

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