Thursday, September 23, 2004

What Are They Smoking in the Panhandle?

Sheriff Denies He's Hiding Bodies Of Hurricane Victims

One rumor has it that a tornado hit a hospital and killed 157 people, another that a 40-foot tidal wave washed 20 people to their deaths and a third has hundreds of bodies being hidden away in a morgue.

That prompted Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby on Tuesday to deny that he was hiding bodies of people supposedly killed during and after the storm.

"There are not dozens and hundreds of bodies hid anywhere," McNesby said during a nightly news briefing by local officials.

Why would the sheriff be hiding hundreds of dead bodies? Was the hurricane actually a top secret government project tested on it's own citizens? Or maybe a new terrorist weapon and they don't want us to panic?

They did get hit pretty badly over there. Check out these before and after photos. Wow. The pictures are actually of the Alabama coast, not Florida.

Check out that last photo - they sure didn't waste any time getting that new house built! One gone and a new shows up next door.

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