Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Remember Pearl Harbor

The United States was not the least bit interested in going to war with anyone through the beginning of WWII. When the Japanese hit us at Pearl Harbor the nation pulled together as one, knew what it had to do, and set about ridding the world of evil at any cost.

September 11, 2001 has been compared to Pearl Harbor but it was no Pearl Harbor. The nation came together for a little while but now, on the 3rd anniversary, the country just doesn't have the heart to do the dirty work. We have the means, but not the will. We have a president ready and willing to make the tough decisions but the whole country is not behind him. Many are, but not with the same fervor of WW II.

We have a habit of letting evil get away from us. We just can't allow ourselves to believe anyone can be so cruel, let alone millions of people. Yet, if Hitler was stopped the first time he broke the treaties of WW I he most likely would never have amounted to much. But the world just let him have an inch here and an inch there, negotiating and trying to spare themselves the dirty work of putting a stop to it until it was too late. If Hitler was stopped at the beginning it would have been a small thing compared to what WW II became.

It is the same now. We do what needs to be done now, and it's already late in the game, or we are going to be in for the fight of our lives. WW III has already begun, history will back that up. How bad will we let it get? The nations of islam need to be crushed. Get that through your head. There is no other option - it is us or them - those are their rules. They will not back down. China is watching and preparing to take advantage of our weaknesses. They have a presence in the western hemisphere (major presence in the Caribbean and Panama Canal) and now they are even putting troops here- in Haiti. It's a foot in the door. Things will not be getting better soon.

Americans seem to have a problem with cause and effect. We are not very good at looking at things a few steps ahead, but many other countries are operating that way. They are perfectly willing to take a small step and wait. Take another small step and wait some more. Like a predator stalking it's prey, they become invisable to our sense of danger. Time is on their side.

You may deny it but the further we move from our Christian roots the further we sink into this quagmire. We were still a Christian nation during WWII. We were not ashamed of God. We hadn't yet kicked God out of our schools, out of our courtrooms, out of our constitution. Not that we were perfect, just that we were much more likely to acknowledge God as our source of blessings and protection. The acknowledgement of God did not embarrass us. During WWII, our enemies came at us one way and fled before us seven ways. We won battle after incredible battle and many times when the battle could have gone either way somehow something turned in our favor. The history is there for all to see.

Now, the very idea of God is laughable to most of us. Sure, some pay lip service to God but for the most part evolution is king, God is a quaint, old fashioned idea people made up to explain what they didn't understand. We know better now. We don't need no stinkin' God. The Bible is chock full of mere fairy tales and Jewish beddy-by stories. This is taught by default in our schools. Our children have been growing up with situational ethics - no pillar of truth, no Rock to stand on - just mud and muck and quicksand. The abortion business in this country, in the world, dwarfs even the Holocost of WWII. And they offer up the still moving body parts of freshly aborted children, at a very good profit mind you, to the science-god and the earth-god. Soon too, the elderly.

God is withdrawing His protection and His blessings - which we never really deserved anyway - from this country. It is not too late, the country can repent - turn back - from the way it is headed. God would look favorably on that. Stiff-necked Israel never did repent at Gods warnings but Ninevah (a gentile nation)did when God sent Jonah to tell them they had 40 days to exist. They changed their ways - albeit temporarily - but God did not destroy them because of their repentance. I hope we can learn that lesson.

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