Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hurricane Magnet

New weather patterns turn Florida into a hurricane magnet

A left jab, a right hook, and now it looks like we'll be getting an upper cut. Florida is getting beat up. I don't drive all over the place so at first it looked like there was not alot of damage but as news stories get out it is apparent that many areas of Florida have been hit very hard. Many people have lost everything. Sometimes whole neighborhoods. And flooding in some areas is very bad.

I would have to say that in some cases it seems as if it is the builder who didn't build up to proper standards (my unprofessional opinion), houses in certain neighborhoods have just basically fallen apart. Many houses are built where they shouldn't be. I saw one particular house that seemed to be in the middle of a lake. Well, lake levels vary and just because it is dry for so many years does not mean it does not reach higher levels, especially in places like Florida. But I think for the most part these storms are just so powerful and the winds so relentless that one weakness and you are pretty much toast. One thing breaks and it leads to another and another.

I'm really not in the mood for another one at all and that feeling is shared by everyone else around here. Enough already.

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