Tuesday, September 21, 2004

No Soup for You!

Al Yeganeh (of Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" fame) was on Neil Cavuto today. Very interesting. I fully understand why he doesn't like to be called the soup nazi, who would. That's really a terrible name, But ... everything about him, his demeanor, his speech, the way he looked - he's like a soup nazi.

I always thought the whole thing was an exaggeration. No, it isn't. The guy apparently is very good at what he does, perhaps the best. He is very particular about the way he does things which makes sense - he always strives to be the best. He's got so many people who want his product that he just doesn't have time for chit chat or indecisiveness. I really understand, some people can check into the hotel in less than a minute and there are some who just takes 30 or 40 minutes or more - coming in, going out, talking to their friends, talking on the cell phone - it's like they are moving into the lobby, the whole family comes in and takes over. Just check in and got about your business - other people are waiting. I understand.

But he even said you have to qualify to purchase his best soups. They go for $30.00 a quart. You have to qualify! I wonder what the qualifications are? He's doing something right. His website is here.

"He's not a Nazi. He just happens to be a little eccentric. Most geniuses are."
- Kramer, in "The Soup Nazi"

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