Friday, November 21, 2003

Don't Forget

Neal Boortz said it but I want it said on my blog as well:

"Every single statement from a leftist Democratic presidential candidate against our efforts in Afghanistan or Iraq is a statement that emboldens those who are trying to kill us. If that horrendous terrorist attack does come to pass on American soil; if we do find ourselves sitting in front of the television one night watching officials cite an ever-increasing body count from the latest terrorist attack on American soil --- don't forget the role played by the party of appeasement. Don't forget the role played by Howard Dean, John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich and Weasely Clark. Don't forget the role played by the Democratic Party."

Gun Makers Can be Held Liable

Appeals Court Reinstates Wrongful Death Suit Against Gun Industry

A gun manufacturer can be held responsible for what people do with the guns they make. If we follow that logic then knive manufacturers can be held liable, baseball bat manufacturers, car manufacturers, heck, chair manufacturers can be held liable if one of their customers whacks somebody over the head with one of their chairs and kills him. There is no end to the lawsuits that can come out of this. It sure is wonderful we have judges who can think things through and make wise decisions on important issues in this country.

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