Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Which Way Did It Go, George?

We were outside today and James wanted to ride his bike. I gave him the remote because he loves to press the button to open the door. I was doing something else when Joshua informs me that James threw the remote and they couldn't find it. I asked James where it was and he said, "I don't know." Great. I asked Joshua where James was standing when he threw it. I scanned the ground but didn't see it. I told the kids to check the bushes and I stood where James stood and looked straight through the branches and saw it clipped to a branch. Cool! He couldn't do that again if he tried.

Trade War

This is not good news but I'm also not surprised. US goods set to double in price as Europe plans huge trade war. If this happens the demand for U.S goods will drop, along with our economy. Europe doesn't like that our economy is growing because the economies of Europe are largely stagnant. They don't like our successes in Iraq. They are not rooting for our success in any way. They want to be where we are.

Pill Popping Culture

Now there's a pill to help you get over your phobias. Wow, pills can do anything!

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