Friday, November 14, 2003

I Couldn't Agree More

Mrs. du Toit wrote it: Children and Behavior

If You Like Motorcycles

Check out the Bombardier. Technologically cool but I think I'd rather have 2 wheels and a real engine. Although I would like to try a big motorcycle with a strong electric motor (not a scooter).

Night Views of Western Japan

This site is great. The pictures are beautiful. You will not know what city you pick until after you click though (unless you read Japanese). I wanted to see Hiroshima and was able to get it on the first try by educated guess. There are a few for that city - look under the picture where it says "Please make the room dark and look the photographs," follow straight up from the word "look" to about halfway from top to bottom. I wanted to see Hiroshima because I rode my motorcycle from Tokyo to Hiroshima and back and I guess I miss Japan sometimes.

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