Wednesday, November 26, 2003

It's Just a Matter of Conditioning

The social engineers are working hard. The gay marriage issue is just about over the hurdle. Are we ready for the next step?

For some, Michael Jackson is not a pervert but a pioneer.

It's Over

I can't see the country standing up in defiance of this. You'll hear alot of complaining but no line will be drawn, nothing will really be done to stop it. Nevertheless, here's a voice crying in the wilderness:

Humpty Dumpty on unholy matrimony

In Massachusetts," she explains, "civil marriage is, and since pre-Colonial days has been, precisely what its name implies, a wholly secular institution."
    In short, don't let all that joy and solemnity fool you. It's just another civil procedure. Once that is understood, marriage can be anything the almighty state says it is, and may unite whatever two people it designates. (Gosh, why only two?)
Why only people?

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