Friday, November 14, 2003

Kiss of Life

I know Koi can be expensive, sometimes outrageously so, so I can understand a guy wanting to save the life of his fish but...

Fish have gills and gills are just about as efficient at taking oxygen from air as your lungs are at taking oxygen from water. Mouth-to-mouth did not save that fish. You can, however, resuscitate a fish by holding it under water and with it's mouth open, moving it gently back and forth to get water flowing through the gills.

It's Worse Than We Thought

Kim du Toit wrote about The Pussification of the Western Male but I think it's worse than that. Now it seems even our toughest dogs have succumbed:

Police dog prefers sweets to thieves

Police dog sacked for being too nice

I Like Tea

Carjacker foiled after woman pours hot tea over him

Serves Him Right

Prowler dies stuck between two houses

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