Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Spam is Back

I got my spam today. For some reason they were not being downloaded and I got about 45 today. A few good emails too that didn't download yesterday. Strange.

A Puppy Is Not A Gift

Irma has a friend who wants to give James a Beagle puppy. It's 6 weeks old and the parents belong to her Father. She's been telling Irma for a while now and Irma told me she said she was going to leave it on the doorstep. Yesterday I went to Irma's job and the lady wrote me a note to please consider the puppy and she gave me a sad look and she really wants James to have this puppy.

The problem is I'm not ready to get a dog now. It won't be James' dog, I'm the one who will have to buy the food, take it to the vet, train it, and everything else that goes into having a dog. Not to mention the problem of finding someone to take care of it when you go on vacation or even worse, taking it along. I love dogs, I just don't want the responsibility right now.

I looked into the breed because I didn't think the woman was being entirely truthful about Beagles or maybe she doesn't know. The first thing I told her was Beagles like to wander or run off - she said no. The breed information backs up what I thought. Beagles get on a scent and will follow it and ignore it's owner. We don't have a fenced yard and we have cows and horses next door (barbed wire fence) and wild turkeys wandering all over (and I don't want them chased off).

Beagles are loud and energetic. I like quiet and mellow. I can handle it from the kids for only so long, I don't need to add to it with a boisterous dog.

Here's a puppy buyers guide I found and a so you think you want a Beagle page.

It's just not the right time to get a dog. I thought about this and I'm just going to have to stand my ground and maybe hurt her feelings but that's really too bad because a dog is just too much of a responsibilty to take lightly. She just better respect my decision because if she does leave it on our doorstep (she's moving) I'm gonna have to give it away or something because I will resent having that dog every day for the rest of it's life if we keep it - it won't be the dogs fault but the feeling will still be there.

James and the Giant Fish Tank

After he got in trouble for putting toys in the fish tank Monday, I woke up Tuesday night to find out he did it again and he actually pinned the fish under one of them. Irma had to save it. It's a Jack Dempsey if anyone is curious. Again, where the hell is Irma when he's doing this? Irma said she punished him but I have a feeling he's not convinced of the error of his ways. That will change.

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