Friday, November 07, 2003

I'm Curious

I understand that there may be a circumstance where a woman's life is endangered by a baby in her womb, however rare that may be, but, if they can partially deliver the baby, why not just complete the delivery? Put another way, with all our medical knowledge and capabilities, are we incapable of removing a baby from a woman in that circumstance without killing the child? What is it about the death of the baby that saves the woman? Why are there people out there who insist on killing babies, indeed, are happy, thrilled to be allowed to do so.

Speaking of a block on the new abortion ban:

"We're obviously thrilled. It is a big relief to our client," said Beth Parker, the attorney representing Planned Parenthood, which has 900 health centers.

What's the difference in the minds of the people of PPFA and people who do things like this? They both believe they have the right to kill another person. One is legal , the other illegal? Why? What is law and by who's authority are laws made? By the authority of men? Of government? These change. Should the law be the prevailing thought of the time? Does the Man/Boy Association have a chance of making their agenda legal? Just keep convincing people one by one.

It just seems to me that some serial killers may have found a loophole and have actually convinced people that their cause is just. And they get paid for it.

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