Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Puerto Rico Update

Irma took the kids to Puerto Rico Friday. Unfortunately it's been raining there the whole time. James loves all the animals at his Grandfathers house and he wants to ride the horse but can't until it stops raining. There have been some mudslides nearby. I hope it stops soon. He got 3 new movies and a new dinosaur and he's excited about that. So they've been watching movies, going shopping and visiting family.

I've been able to get some things done that are difficult when I'm watching James. I started cleaning the garage but that will take a few days. I went to the post office yesterday and the line was the longest I've seen in a long time. I told the clerk from now on I would wait to mail my eBay packages and mail a bunch together instead of mailing them as soon as they pay because of the lines. She said that would be a good idea because starting Friday it would start getting busy. Start? I want to sell in December but I dread waiting in line. I found some things in the garage to sell but I need my camera (Irma took it to PR) to take pictures. She better take pictures with that camera because when I spoke with her yesterday she said she didn't take any yet. If she's not going to use it she should have left it home. She'll use it later I guess.

I hate reading or watching the news lately. I have, enough to know what's going on, but mostly I just leave the TV off or watch the Food Network. I don't want to hear anything else about Michael Jackson until it's all over. Let the courts figure it all out and tell me the verdict.

A couple of things stand out though.

Students' Ramadan-fast assignment protested. Government schools trying "to promote a greater understanding and empathy towards the Muslim religion." Whatever happened to the separation of Chuch and State? Oh yeah, that's only for Christians. The government needs to get out of the school business. Now.

Horses stolen, victimized near Echo Lake. "It appears we have a serial horse rapist," Dupont said. How do they know it wasn't a consenting horse? Do they have a horse psychic? Maybe the guy is dating around to see which would make the best wife. Try before you buy! He should move to Massachusetts, buy a horse and get married. He would have the courts on his side and no ignorant sheriff would be able to harass them. When is this country finally going to enter the 21st century?

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