Thursday, November 06, 2003

I've Said This Before And He'll Say It Again

Better than I, no doubt. Joseph Farrah asks: Do you have the will to win?

"There is no option but victory.

That's what Americans need to understand.

Previous generations understood the sacrifices that needed to be made to preserve freedom.

Do we have what it takes?

The jury is still out, but there are some grim signs on the horizon. Even the administration that began these wars seem to be faltering. Politicians in the Pentagon seem all-too-willing to pull the rug out from under generals who speak out in churches and colonels who make tough decisions in the field to protect their troops.

It's time for Americans to put their differences aside and pull together.

It's time for Americans to acknowledge we are in a fight for our lives and our future and prepare for sacrifice and hardship.

It's time for Americans to remember what happened on Sept. 11 and agree we will not let it happen again – no matter what.

It's time for Americans to pull together for victory and nothing but victory."

Instead of pulling together, we're being pulled apart.

Instead of acknowledging, we are denying.

Instead of remembering and not letting it happen again, we give lip service and do little constructive to protect ourselves and undermine the little we are trying to do.

The very heart of America is being torn in half with two completely different and incompatible ideas of victory.

Sugar Water of Relativism

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