Friday, November 21, 2003

Wise men of Saudi Arabia

An article in the Saudi Gazette explains why President Bush is more likely to be assasinated by the British than by terrorists.

Top 6 List

"1. The business people want to be compensated for all the tea dumped in the sea and in the current situation of the British economy; they will kill for a buck.

"2. The environmentalists are angry at introducing caffeine into the Marine life environment. Blowing up people for the sake of animals has been recorded in the past. In their opinion, Bush must pay the price.

"3. The English cannot understand why a traitor to the throne would be allowed to stand before the British government and instead of getting arrested for high treason, he is allowed to dictate policy to a British Prime Minister who willingly takes his orders and [abides] by them at the expense of his own popularity amongst his people; those who stuck it out and never immigrated from Britain enduring the worse of consequences, such as Prince Charles and Camella [sic].

"4. Israel, famous for assassinating politicians, civilians, anyone at any age, may kill Bush in case Blair explains to him the similarities between how America made history and how the Palestinians are making it today.

"5. America today is seen as a traitor to the principles it was founded on because of its aggressive foreign policy that promotes the loss of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness worldwide, especially amongst Arabs who have never been so unhappy in history.

"6. He may get killed for the heck of it."

Critical thinking at it's best.

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