Tuesday, March 04, 2003

All Because Of Just One Man...

Here's a commentary by Dennis Prager on the Dan Rather/Saddam interview, which I didn't see...happily. How could anyone take that seriously?

We went to Denny's to eat Monday evening and had the same waitress as last time we went. I didn't mention it last time but I ordered the Fish and Chips dinner and when she asked what I wanted with it I was a little confused because she didn't make sense, but it worked out and the fish came with fries and cole slaw. So this was the conversation this time:

me: I'll have the fish and chips.

waitress: Would you like fries or cole slaw with that?

me: ahh, fries. (thinking: I ordered Fish and Chips, what do you think I want with it?)

waitress: And that comes with cole slaw or you can substitute fries, vegetables, or onion rings.

me: What?

waitress: We have corn, green beans...(I wasn't really paying attention at this point, I was trying to figure out what she did with her tin foil hat.)

Irma: Onion rings.

me: OK, onion rings will be fine.

The following relates to Mac OS X:

I've been forgetting to say this but I downloaded the unreleased Safari beta v62 and have been using it for a few days now. I like. It does need something else though. In Opera or when using Pith, if the browser crashes you just restart it and it will reopen all your windows for you. If Safari v62 crashes, Pith won't save you because it can't see the other open tabs and Safari doesn't reopen the windows either, so you have to manually reopen you windows. A minor inconvenience, but I believe easily remedied. Surfin' Safari are you listening?

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