Friday, March 28, 2003

A little Backup Here, Please

I haven't been reading very many commentaries lately, haven't even been frequenting the news sites very much, just a quick perusal. I see more than I can handle on TV thank you, mostly the same thing over and over. When Irma came home last night I went to bed and turned on Fox newschannel while she took a shower (have to at least keep an ear on the kids) and she asked me how I can watch the war coverage all day. "I just turned it on right now, I haven't been watching it all day" I said. I turn it on maybe 5 minutes at a time just to see if anything important happened - and no, a bomb dropping on Baghdad is not news.
I do leave the TV on CNN (no other newschannel available) at work all night unless there is a good movie on (rarely) but I don't really pay attention to it all the time. I still can't believe they put the same importance or more on a press conference by one of Saddams minions as on one put on by the coalition or the president. That irks me. Those guys should be worm food.
This morning however, I read some commentaries and found a few worthy of linkage, mostly because they back up or enhance what I've said here previously. So, with further procrastination (notice I didn't use a french word), here they are:

I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam

Arsenal stocked with patience

Critics fret over flag-waving networks Actually, I hate it when they give the same weight to something the Iraqis say as the coalition. They know better!

Best of the Web Good stuff in here today.

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