Thursday, March 06, 2003


It is very difficult to have any sympathy for Palestinians. I know their Arab brothers have shut them out and are using them against Israel, which is a horrific crime unto itself, but what they do to and with their children is beyond sick and their is no justification for it, nor can there ever be. Palestinian children have no chance for a normal life no matter what happens, their minds are poisoned with lies and hatred beyond the ability to comprehend it and even if they managed to drive Israel into the sea and kill every man, woman and child in Israel, which is their stated goal, they could never return to a normal human mindset. They are a blackhole of hatred. Report: 12-year-old Palestinian boy's martyrdom 'staged'

Care and Feeding of Jaguar

OS X Drive Maintenance

Under God?

Ceremonial deism or real faith?

It's such a warm night tonight (mid 70's) and driving to work, past the orange groves, the sweet smell of the orange trees signal the beginning of the hayfever season. Must. Get. Claritin.

At home Wednesday the kids couldn't be in the same room for 2 seconds without fighting over something. Sometimes ...I just had a memory of my greatgrandmother sitting in her living room, watching Johnny Carson, and saying "yeaaah." Strange what pops into the head sometimes. That house is long gone, a parking lot on Forest Ave. in Kearny, NJ, but I still can almost feel being there. The way the sheets felt, the ticking clocks, the old, scary picture of some long forgotten lady on the wall. Looking out the window at night watching the bar on the corner across the street, the closet with the curtain for a door with the monsters behind it, the steep stairs, the player piano. That house had a certain feel to it that sticks with me, I wish I could step back in time and walk through it again.

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