Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Ehud Barak

I just saw Ehud Barak on Fox News Channel and he seemed genuinely happy that finally something is being done (rightly so). He was almost smiling, usually he seems quite frustrated by what goes on over there. (Also, rightly so).

Tariq Aziz

Fox News is reporting that Tariq Aziz has a pistol and he's not afraid to use it. He will die in Iraq either as a martyr or of old age.

I've been watching the reactions from "the regime" on and off all day and if they weren't so darn evil they might actually be funny. I feel like I'm watching Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Regimes.

They definitely chose the wrong curtain, Bob, they could be enjoying the good life retired in France or something. They should have chosen curtain number one, now they'll have to cash in their chips.

I Got That Run Down Feeling

No, that's not a Rachel joke.

The past few weeks I've been (and Irma) taking a special vitamin that seemed to really do wonders. I was actually feeling good and had an increase in my energy level that was way beyond my expectations. I would be sitting in work and realize "I'm smiling!" That's really something because I've actually had people (strangers) ask me why I don't smile before.

Now, you have to understand I work nights alternating between 1 and 2 days off. (I used to work 7 days!) When I get home I watch my son all day and only sleep during his nap, which may be 2 hours or 1 hour, and sometimes not at all. Irma usually gets home from work about 7pm and takes a shower. Then I go to sleep and get up at 9:45pm (unless I hit the snooze too many times or just sleep through it. So sometimes I just get so wore out it seems like I can't take it anymore. True.

After a few days of taking this vitamin I started feeling more energetic. I was calmer and even though I would still be sleepy, I had energy. Strange but true. The problem is, I ran out. After a few days now I feel like crap again. Wonderful. The contrast between the way I felt before (and now) and when I was taking the vitamin is really amazing. I'm getting more. I'll let you know what it is another time because I want stock in the company first.

Mr. Bean

James has discovered a Mr. Bean video I have and now he won't stop watching it over and over.

Drug Companies

I found this interesting coming from the mainstream press.

"There's only one problem with what could be Mother Nature's miracle cure for cancer, and you won't believe what it is: Greed. To learn more about turmeric's cancer-fighting properties, including the proper dosage, requires large medical experiments with a great number of patients. Such ventures are costly and are typically financed by drug companies eyeing future product development. However, in this case, the "drug" is a natural compound. Aggarwal explained to Reuters that no drug company can reap the financial benefits if turmeric proves to be an effective anti-cancer drug so no drug company is likely to pay the big bucks needed for the medical studies."

The article is here.

Watch Always

This commentary takes a look at the way things may unfold in Iraq. It's called The "Worst Case" Scenario.

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