Friday, March 28, 2003

Too Many Cooks

There seems to be alot of buzz going about saying the war is not going the way we wanted and it's taking longer than expected. The problem is probably intensified by the unquenchable need for more and more information by the news networks. I say just watch and see. We were set back a couple of days by the weather and there is nothing we could do about it. We're having to spend more time fighting in the south than we would like but it's nothing we can't handle and we are making headway. Little by little we are taking them out. The news is not nearly as bad as some are making it sound. If Saddam was gonna let us just walk in and take over he would have went into exile a few weeks ago.

The side effects of this war will be worse than the war itself. It appears we lost some allies. Actually, if we had caved to their wishes it would not have changed anything, it would not have gained us points and we'd still have the danger of the Saddam regime in the future. They did not begin hating us over Iraq, it just became obvious to us. Good morning.

What a Wonderful UN World

Why is the Iraqi ambassador to the UN still an ambassador. Shouldn't he have been sent packing or arrested? He can't possibly be taken seriously by anyone. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by anything the UN does.

Ministry of Disinformation

And why is the Iraqi (Dis) Information minister holding press conferences? I can't believe we get anything out of listening to him. Isn't he one of the targets? Shouldn't we just take him out? If he's holding press conferences he couldn't be all that difficult to find. The things he says are so ridiculous, so sad, you can't even get a laugh out of it. It just gives the news channels something to put on so they can take a break from talking so much. I keep waiting for the bomb to come through the wall while he's talking. He just said of the Iraqi people: "the people who love peace and freedom (the Iraqis) will persue them (the Americans)." The saddest part is that there are actually alot of people, especially in the Arab world who actually believe this crap.

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