Sunday, March 30, 2003

Fantasy World

CNN and MSNBC seem to be preoccupied with the opinion of the Arab world.
While it certainly is good to know what they are thinking, do we really
need to hear it over and over. Those two channels seemed to have an
anti-American theme going. They hate us. We know. We get it now. That's
one of the reasons we're in Iraq now. If we never went to Iraq they
would still hate us. If we pull out of Iraq now they will still hate us.
If we liberate Iraq and help the Iraqis get back on their feet they will
still hate us. If we all became Muslim and elected Saddam as our
president, they would still hate us. There is no peace among Muslim
nations. It makes no difference what we do, they hate us, they will
always hate us, and they want to destroy that which they hate.

They have been teaching and preaching hate for so many generations now
there is no way out for them. Their children have been indoctrinated
with lies, distortions, hate, hate, bullshit, and more hate from the
time they were born. They learn this crap from their parents, they learn
it in school, they learn it in church (whatever they call it), they
learn it from their leaders, and they learn it from their TV and radio.
They've heard it so much for so many generations that they've actually
lost touch with reality. Their fantasy world has become their reality
and it is completely incompatible with ours. While we are perfectly
willing to live peacably with them, they cannot do it. They will
do it. They want us dead and there is no other option for them.

Some of them can and do step out of that viscious cycle of hatred. Some
countries even seem to flirt with the idea, but when it comes down to
the wire they all unite against us even in the face of truth.
Individuals yes, but few, countries no. They know Saddam is a viscious
killer and they know what he does to his people, but if it's Saddam or
America, they pick Saddam. Left to their own devices they are going to
build up and eventually try to destroy us. It's just a matter of time.

So what do you want to do? The west is miserably divided on what to do.
We've made some enemies from our allies trying to defend ourselves.
Millions from Arab countries are immigrating into western countries
and maintaining their own culture. No, they are not all bad, but
if they become the majority do you think nothing will change? We are
incapable (unwilling?) of closing our borders and stopping the flow,
legal or illegal, we certainly don't have the heart to kick out the ones
that are already here. So, what do you want to do?

Is this something we can solve? Is there something we can agree on? Can
we make it go away by giving peace a chance? Can a divided west beat it
out of them with limited warfare? I read a cute saying recently, someone
said they were going to get their "Clue by Four." Can you smack them
with a clue by four and change their inner mind and being? Can we fight
them as we are now and get them all to come around before one of them
gets their hands on a nuke? Do we have it in us to crush them and put an
end to their fantasy? Can we talk our way out?

Just asking.

P.S. If you ignore the problem and just go about your life, will the problem go away?

P.S.S. I almost lost this post because Blogger was acting up. Good thing I copied it before podting.

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