Sunday, March 30, 2003

I Was Too Tired To Post These Earlier

I meant to post these earlier but had trouble with Blogger and then I fell asleep at the computer.

The Enemy Within
Ann Coulter

Another Stepping Stone
Jack Kelly

The Second Front
David Horowitz

The Pope Speaks

The Pope speaks out about a "Religious Catastrophe" caused by the war in Iraq. Hmmm.

1. Religions are nothing if not divided. How many Christian denominations are there? How many hate each other? Into how many sections is Islam divided? I know they all agree they hate us (Americans/Israelis) but if we weren't in the picture they'd be killing each other. They already do. Just how many different religions are there in the world? Science is a religion and so is evolution, although believers would never admit it and truly believe they have the truth. Could religion be any more divided?

2. The war in Iraq is going to "spark" this division? What? So, before the war in Iraq everything was pretty as a picture and peace prevailed? Damn those Americans for causing all the problems of the world!

3. If we didn't go to war in Iraq, if we didn't retaliate for 9/11, if we pulled all our people out of all the Muslim countries and just left them alone, then, finally, there would be peace and they wouldn't try to kill us? How about putting all our women in burkas, will that help?

4. God is divided? And everyone of every religion will get the reward that their religion believes? Muslims get paradise for themselves and their families (yes, they become mini-saviours) and all the physical delights they don't have in this life for blowing themselves and as many infidels as possible into bloody bits? Christians, no matter what else they believe, all go to heaven and sit on clouds and play harps, or are sent to hell by a merciful and loving God where they are horribly burnt alive forever and ever and ever? Budhists reincarnate? Evolutionists just die? The people of a tribe in South America become a fish? Snakes, rats, trees, whatever all used to be people? Cows are gods? It's all true and can't we all just get along?

5. "War must never be allowed to divide world religions," - Excuse me? War divide religions? Isn't it the other way around? Religious divisions cause war.

6. God is telling the Pope what to say? This is what God wants? God talks to evangelists and wants you to be more generous? God heals through Benny Hinn? (hint: people in the presence of demons fall away backward. Whenever God or an angel confronts a human they always fall forward on their faces. Everytime.)

7. The pope has refused to bless the conflict as a "just war." The Popes blessing will make all the difference? What war would the Pope bless? Did he bless the war in Afghanistan? Does he bless the war against America? Yes, there is a war against America, has been a long time now, we just never noticed before 9/11. Some of us still deny it.

Stella Who?

Looks like many of the Stella awards being posted here and there and in e-mails aren't true:

A Little Humour To Make You Feel Better

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