Friday, March 14, 2003

Bury them in pigskin

I don't know if this is true or just an internet rumour, I've never seen a legit article about it. If it is true that radical muslims believe they go to hell if buried in pigskin then that is what we should be doing! I mean it's not like there is really a god named allah who is on the side of these terrorists and they actually go to paradise when they murder as many innocent victims as possible. They do everything right, kill 300 infidels, go to paradise the instant of their death...but wait, they just buried what's left of you in pigskin, sorry, you'll have to leave now, go to hell then. That's as silly as saying that a little Japanese or Thai (or whatever) baby who dies and never heard the name Jesus Christ is going to go to hell and burn in hellfire for eternity. An all loving, forgiving God, with all the power of the universe and more is going to send the poor kid to hell? Don't people question what they've been taught? Does that make any sense? It doesn't become reality just because someone or some religion or some country believes it. Many don't believe in God at all, does that make it true? Millions in India believe a cow is god, does that make it true? Bury them in pigskin, it will scare them and have no impact on what really happens to them after death, so it doesn't hurt anything. So what if they are offended, we are offended when they fly our airplanes into our buildings and kill our people, it doesn't stop them.

It's not that I don't think people are entitled to believe whatever they want, they certainly are. But radical islamists have declared themselves our enemy. We would love to live peacably with them but they won't have it. If we don't stop them they will kill us. They really will, they are not just kidding around, and we need to use every means to stop them. Their religion tells them to do this so their religion is not deserving of any respect.

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The Lizard

James and I went outside to play and he found a lizard in a big flowerpot. He was chasing it around and it kept coming back to look over the edge like it was playing with him. I got the camera and took some pictures of the lizard. James wanted to see so I let him look at the pictures I took. He was looking at a closeup of the lizard, suddenly he turned to the lizard, showed it the picture, and said "Look, this is you!" The lizard wasn't fazed and just kept looking at him.

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