Monday, March 31, 2003

Peter Arnett Pt. 3 : Peter Goes Home With His Tail Between His Legs

According to this article NBC has changed it's stance on Peter Arnett and fired him.

"I want to apologize to the American people for clearly making a misjudgment," the New Zealand-born Arnett said. He said he would try to leave Baghdad now, joking "there's a small island in the South Pacific that I've inhabited that I'll try to swim to."

Hopefully he is not hired by any other news agency ever again. Retire dude, you're way overdue.

This is good too - Saddam's Secret Weapon: PeterArnett@work.

History or Hysteria?

Victor Davis Hanson wrote this for National Review Online.

"But rather than trying to digest and analyze the tempo of battle, our vulture pundits instead regurgitate rumor and buzz - which are usually refuted by the next minute's events. The subtext throughout seems to be disappointment that the war so far has lasted seven rather than two days."

Great commentary - A must read! Thanks to Neal Boortz for the heads up.

The Bodyguard

Saddam's personal bodyguard, who never leaves his side, shows up on a video behind Iraqi Defense Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmed., Saddam nowhere in sight. Hmmm. Interesting.

Are The Arabs Really This Stupid?

I have asked that question myself many, many times. The way they react and the stands they take usually make no sense whatsoever and hurt them more often than not.

Jonah Goldberg asks: What's Wrong With The Arab World?

"I'm no bean counter, but if our intent is to "massacre" Arabs, our tax dollars are being woefully misspent."

There is some good stuff in National Review Online

Rain and Cold

I slept Sunday morning thinking to get up and mow the lawn in the afternoon. When I got up it started raining. It was the only time I could mow the lawn without James wandering about the yard and having to watch him too. What to do? I mowed the lawn. The rain wasn't hard and it stopped soon enough. It got cold too, so I was taking advantage of the cool weather. It's in the 60's today - cold for Florida.

Garbage Man

This morning James wanted to empty the trash in his room. Fine, OK. Let's go. "No, bathroom!" he says. Bathroom?, OK, he wants to empty the trash in the bathroom too. Done. "OK, let's go" I said. "No, mommy's bathroom!" he reminds me. Does he miss anything? Of course he wants to take it to the curb as well. I hope he never loses this work ethic.

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