Friday, March 21, 2003

Dirty Old Man

I meant to post this earlier but better late than never. We went to Denny's Tuesday. The waitress came over and was standing next to James in the highchair. He noticed a pen in her pocket and grabbed for it, not that big of a deal, curiousity gets the better of him sometimes and she was OK with it. There was an elderly couple sitting across from us and the guy noticed it and after the waitress left he joked with James a minute and told him he would give him a quarter if he would goose the waitress. Ha ha ha, I thought he was just being cute. Everytime the waitress came over he would try to get James to do it. He took out a quarter and showed him and kept egging him on. Luckily James didn't understand what he wanted him to do, that's all I need is for him to go around doing that every time he sees a woman. After a while I was really getting tired of it. I should have just told him to stop but they left. If that ever happens again I won't wait so long to say something. James learns enough bad habits from Joshua.

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