Monday, March 10, 2003

Are we there yet?

Sun-Times columnist Mark Steyn writes of the "interminable non-rush to non-war." in The naked truth: Protesters have run out of excuses

My favorite line? "If we have to have an incoherent, anti-Western ''peace'' movement, then women showing off their hooters in support of a culture that would stone them to death for showing off their ankles is about as good as it's gonna get."

And: " One British teacher said he was used to working with young children and would have preferred to be deployed at an orphanage. The Iraqi official tried, patiently, to explain that the orphanage has already got all the human shields it needs: They're called ''orphans.''

The bewildered Brit seemed to find this hard to follow: Here's a man who's convinced that Bush and Rumsfeld are slavering to drop a bunch of daisycutters on the orphanage and blow a ton of Iraqi moppets to kingdom come, but thinks that they'll cease and desist just because some droning Welsh leftist is sitting amongst all those inviting underage targets."

What more can you say?

"The essence of lying is in deception, not in words."

Hans Blix failed to inform the security council about an Iraqi remotely piloted drone in his oral presentation. Oops. Seeking the Truth in Iraq by Geoff Metcalf

Best quote: "Recently a well-intended friend was asking why go after Iraq when North Korea is rattling nuclear sabers so loudly. My response was and is: We should have already finished with Iraq and now be engaged in dulling the North Korean sabers before they fuel their nuclear arsenal."

Sleep? What sleep?

Sunday was one of those days when I couldn't get any sleep if my life depended on it. Sometimes I wish Irma would just take the kids to her Mother's house. James woke up early, 15 minutes after I laid down. He had some milk and watched TV for a little while but wanted to play. The cows were in heat or something, they were bellowing like mad. Everytime I would fall asleep something or someone would wake me up. I kept getting more and more tired but I had no chance at all. There's not much worse than being disturbed everytime you just fall asleep. Every time. I came close to just going to work early and laying down in a room till it was time to work. Very close. I get more sleep during the week when I have to to take care of the kids by myself all day and work nights.

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