Tuesday, March 04, 2003

A little comic relief: Franks Towing.

Craig Winn, one of the authors of Tea with Terrorists was on the radio again Monday morning. Muslims were calling in left and right trying to refute him. The only thing they could do was call him a liar and say since he doesn't speak arabic he couldn't possibly understand what the so called "holy" books say. Apparently if you translate them to english the meaning changes. And one said he didn't know how to pronounce an arabic word so he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about.

Today a muslim woman called in and said she was so upset and filled with hatred toward the host and the guest that she decided to read the books they were reading from to prove them wrong. She appologized over and over and said they were absolutely right, that she was deceived by the people who taught her the religion and if you don't listen to what they say and just read the books (in arabic) they are filled with hatred and everything they were saying is true. She said the God of the west was a God of love and the god of the east was a god of hate. Those were her words, I kid you not. It was very moving to hear her. This was on the Shannon Burke show.

It's no surprise to me people aren't taught what the scriptures actually say. Mainstream Christians and Jews also are not really familiar with the scriptures either. They are taught doctrine and shown by a proof text taken out of context here and there and generally accept what they have been taught. The real meaning and message remains a mystery.

As an example:

It says nothing about a rapture in the bible, not there. The proof text is taken out of context and the meaning perverted.

You are not born again when you accept Christ. Jesus very plainly explains you cannot be born again if you are flesh and blood, when you are born again you are a spirit and invisible to human eyes.

The ten commandments are just as binding today as ever.

Clean and unclean foods were known before the flood, long before Israel (and therefore Judah) existed. They are also still binding today although the Jewish religion takes it far beyond what is intended, many Jewish laws were added to Gods laws. This is part of the reason Jesus Christ was always offending them, he had no respect for the added "traditions of men".

God never changes, even if it is the 21st century. His laws were, are and always will be in effect.

Jesus did not die on a cross, it was a "starros", an upright pale, or a tree. His arms were nailed above his head.

There is no hell (beyond what we've done to our societies) and you don't go to heaven when you die.

I won't go on, though I could. For those truly interested more information is available here

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