Monday, March 31, 2003

Baghdad Is How Far From Ammon?

Why does CNN always go to Rym Brahimi (nothing against Rym), who is in Ammon, Jordon, to find out the latest goings on in Baghdad? I realize she is familiar with Baghdad but, not being there, isn't it a little tough to really know what is happening there?

Peter Arnett Pt. 2

Now there is more information available about his interview. You'll find the transcript here.

Of Baghdad he says: "clearly this is a city that is disciplined, the population is responsive to the government's requirements of discipline" Clearly, any city would be disciplined if they knew they and their family would be tortured or killed or both if they stepped out of line.

NBC issued a statement saying: Arnett gave the interview to Iraqi TV as a "professional courtesy" and that his remarks "were analytical in nature and were not intended to be anything more." That's a very stupid thing for NBC to say and that's putting it mildly. Iraqi TV is Saddam's own personal TV station. Call it Saddam Broadcasting. This interview is called aiding and abetting the enemy. Period. If Arnett gave this interview of his own free will he should be held accountable.

Has anyone seen or heard from him since the interview?

It Is Not The Critic Who Counts...

A commentary by Geoff Metcalf called Clarity of Chaos

Explosion in a Baghdad Marketplace

This is interesting in light of the fact that America is being blamed for the explosion. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the link.

Rachel's Hatred

I promised to link to this picture of Rachel tearing an American flag in the black hole of hatred for someone who had not seen it. It includes some great commentary also from Little Green Footballs

Will OPEC Bankrupt The US?
Very interesting...a must read. You won't find this on CNN.

Yes, It Really Works

I've been asked if I said good things about Seasilver because I sell it. The answer is no.

I sell Seasilver because it works. It may even give you your life back. Try it, you'll like it...Kathy.

Oh, and tell Brittany she needs to start a blog. I think she would really like it.

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