Thursday, March 27, 2003

Would GOD Fight Our Battles?

Unbiased Reporting going Too Far?

It annoys me to no end when I hear reporters on American News channels (CNN is the absolute worst) say "The coalition claims..." or "alleges" or similar words as if to say "We're not sure who's telling the truth - the Iraqis or the coalition." When Saddams minions make their television performances, practically everything they say is a complete fabrication. I don't think there is any doubt about that at all to anyone who is halfway informed about what is going on over there.

The American and British forces have been overly generous to reporters who are privey to everything going on in the field since they are traveling with them everywhere they go. They see and report on everything. When they say the Iraqis are hiding behind women and children or hiding in schools and hospitals you can be pretty damn sure they are telling the truth. They even have pictures to prove it. I personally have no doubt.

The Iraqis are threatening and killing their own people, lying about anything that will make themselves look better - you see what they do. Yet they are given the same credence as our own forces. Sometimes I think they actually believe the Iraqis over the Americans. I expect that of Al Jezeera but not of CNN. If you are on no side, just observing what we see everyday on the news, you would have to come to the conlusion that the coalition forces are taking the high road and the Iraqis are excavating new lows. Stop trying to be so unbiased and open your eyes to the truth!

I want to go to bed

As I'm writing the above I'm at the end of a long day, waiting for Irma to come home and listening to the constant bickering, playing, and fighting of two boys and cartoons to boot. There is something about cartoons that annoy the hell out of me. Just by observing the kids when they are watching cartoons and when the TV is off you can tell there is something about cartoons that causes them to become hyper and act out. I know they have an effect on me too - they hurt my brain. I hope the other post makes sense, if not, blame it on the cartoons.

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