Friday, April 04, 2003

Are We Ready For This?

When one views the headlines of newspapers all over the Islamic world today; from Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Gaza, Egypt, Iran and many other countries; headlines which shout hideous lies such as "US Marines massacre helpless civilians," or "American soldiers shooting women and children," one must stand in begrudging admiration at the propensity for lying which is a part of the Islamic modus operandi. A few minutes listening to the Iraqi "Information Minister" who, as his country is being overrun says his soldiers have the coalition forces "surrounded," even daring to name various cities which have already fallen, so the citizens of Baghdad will believe the lie that "victory is at hand" for the brave Iraqi army.

Understanding this mindset is critical.

The coalition may succeed in changing a regime. It will never succeed in changing a religion. And, by its very tenets, that religion is combative, expansive, militant, and dedicated to the spread of Islam by whatever means necessary. A major tenet of Islam is JIHAD, or "Holy War," in an effort to bring the entire world under the Islamic religion. 

How To Have Your Croissant And Eat It Too

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