Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Injustice For Arabs

I just heard a woman from the news organization Al Hayat. I didn't catch her name. I tried to access the website but it crashed my browser. Anyway, she said America is losing the war for the hearts of the Arab world because of our injustices, such as letting Israel have nuclear weapons but not Palestinians or Saddam. It's not fair that we let Israel have nuclear weapons. I'm beginning to think Arabs are from Pluto.

Maybe, it has something to do with the fact that the Arab world as a whole would like nothing more than to completely exterminate the Jews? After the atrocities of WW II the Jews were given a tiny piece of desert for a homeland. Ever since, the Arab world has been actively trying to push them into the sea. Of course Israel must protect itself and they do it well, very well. And they've turned that little piece of desert into an oasis. Israel is not interested in hurting anyone and would gladly live peaceably with the Arabs or anyone for that matter.

Arabs, on the other hand, have whipped themselves into a frenzy and taught their children for generations now that Israel, all of Israel, is occupied land stolen from the Arabs. As far as they are concerned Israel still doesn't exist. Since the end of WW II they have only taught their children hatred and death. All their energy is used up on hating Israel and they have done nothing to better themselves, instead blaming Israel for anything and everything that's wrong with them. They sacrifice their children and themselves on the alter of hatred. If any Palestinian got hold of a nuclear bomb they would strap it to themselves and head directly for Israel.

Saddam just wants to take over the entire Arab world and, I'm quite sure, beyond. He will do anything it takes and kill anyone who gets in his way. The most insane thing any Arab could possibly want is for Saddam to have nuclear weapons - yet that's what they want. Go figure.

I have heard a couple of Kuwaitis just recently who were very clear thinking and they see it like it is, one is a former ambassadour to the US, who's name I didn't catch, and the other is Saad Al-Ajmi, Former Kuwaiti Info Minister. It was refreshing to hear them.

Europe, Russia, and China side with the Arabs because it suits their needs at this time, not because the Arabs make sense. Once America is out of their way they won't put up with any crap from the Arab world either.

I'm Smoking And I Can't Stop

I just had a guy come to the door to get a room. He was smoking and wouldn't come in to register, he wanted me to check him in at the door. I told him he could put the cigarette on the ashtray and get it when he finished, it takes less than a minute.

Guest: "How 'bout I just give you my documents and you go fell everything out?"

Me: "You can't stop smoking for 2 seconds to come in here and register?"

Guest: "When ya gotta smoke, ya gotta smoke." Then he went to his car to finish and came back to register.

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