Thursday, April 10, 2003

A Monument to Poor Taste and Brash Self-Promotion

Golden luxury amid the poverty

Here's the best part:

A captured Iraqi colonel being held in one of the hangars listened in astonishment as his information minister praised Republican Guard soldiers for recapturing the airport.

He looked at his captors and, as he realised that what he had heard was palpably untrue, his eye filled with tears. Turning to a translator, he asked: "How long have they been lying like this?"

Smoking Guns

Other news agencies have picked up on the nuke story from a previous post. And some others. Freedom's Bell Rings & Iraq's Smoking Guns

The Art of Looting

Suddenly, the cheering, waving, dancing, jubilant crowds in the heart of Baghdad gave the lie to all the protests. They, the UN, Han Blix, the entire Islamic world, France, Germany, Russia and China were all wrong. Don't hold your breath hoping any of them will ever admit it.

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