Monday, April 21, 2003

The Weekend

I spent most of Saturday sleeping (kind of) on the sofa so I can know what the kids were up to. Luckily they mostly watched TV, in fact they spent alot of time with Irma in the bedroom. At one point I got up and everyone was sleeping. A lazy day I guess.

Sunday I tried to sleep but the kids were too restless and I went to bed when Irma got up but a few hours later she decided I needed to wake up so I could watch the kids. She was out back working in the yard. I got up and took James to the flea market to get a hydraulic jack (to replace the oil pump and crushed oil pan in my car) and some rats and mice (for the snakes). There were a couple of little puppies James fell in love with and he tried to help the girl catch the mice (he has no fear of mice). When I got back the kids played outside and we cleaned up the back of the house with the pressure washer. Actually Irma did it while I watched the kids. It came out good.

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