Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Fun with James

Tuesday afternoon I decided to let Wolfgang wander about the yard while I did some work. James played with him (tortured him) almost the whole time. Actually, I was keeping a close eye on them, besides a little sand on his shell and some leaves held up to his mouth (he want's to eat it!) he made out OK. Wolfgang got a bath. And James too when we went inside. I cut down the other tree (weed) that was growing too close to the house.

James helped me water the new orange trees and the fig tree with some Aggrand fertilizer I bought to try out. It's alot different than I thought and I've never seen (or smelled) any fertilizer like it. It's definitely organic! We'll see how it works.

Napster/Blog Marriage

This is interesting from David Winer: Speech and Weblogs

After Saddam, Then What?

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