Monday, April 28, 2003

Bad Oil Pump

I spent most of Sunday changing the oil pump on my car. What a mess! First disconnect the exhaust system, then remove the engine mount bolts, now lift the engine up about 3 inches so the oil pan can be removed, barely. Oh, remove the starter, too. I got the new oil pump in and the pan back on but I ran out of time to finish. A few hours were spent driving to the store to get some tools I needed. I was gonna get a pizza too but I couldn't find a place open, go figure. I really don't want to do this again. Why can't they make it easier to work on these things?

Hi Daddy!

When I was under the car working I heard a noise coming from the window and a few seconds later James comes walking over and says "Hi Daddy!" "Hi James, how did you get outside? Did you climb out the window?" Mom came and got him and I think he spent a little time in the crib. He does love being outside.

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