Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Peter Arnett Is An Ass

Here is an article by Peter himself (yes, someone hired him again) and he still believes the war is not working. It's obvious he just doesn't get it. He actually believes the crap he was saying on Iraqi TV and worse. And he can't believe he was fired! How out of touch with reality can you be?

"But whatever happens I will never stop reporting on the truth of this war whether I am in Baghdad or somewhere else in the Middle East - or even back in Washington."

Reporting the truth? You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you on the ass!

"I came to Baghdad with my crew because the Iraqi side needs to be heard too."

The Iraqi side? Saddam's regime has nothing to do with the Iraqi side. The Iraqis can't speak out about their side yet Peter or they and their families would be tortured, raped and killed. Do you mean Saddam's side needs to be heard? Sane people already hear Saddam's side in every scream, wail, moan, cry and howl from "his people" and we see it in every tear and drop of blood. Sane people know Saddam's side Peter. Perhaps you should decide to stay in Baghdad. You, Saddam, his sons, Tariq and the rest of the crew can all hold hands and sing "Give Peace a Chance" when the coalition comes to town and you can all face the same fate. Give peace a real chance.

Mona Charen writes of him also: Who's man in Baghdad?

French President Offers To Work With Vatican!


Neal boortz calls a spade a spade: Phony Leftist Indignation

I Wanna Fly Like Birdie

I was carrying James to the mailbox and he looked up and said "I wanna fly" and he started flapping his arms."You wanna fly - like a birdie?" I asked. "Yeah!" I lifted him like I was gonna throw him up and he looked like he thought he could actually fly. I told him he can't really fly but I ran up the driveway with him and he held his arms out. He's too cute.

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