Friday, April 11, 2003

Get the POWs

So far no word on the POWs. I know it is a priority and they're using everything they have to find's just frustrating to not hear anything. POWs: Critical Time

A Walk in the Park

Thousands of former Iraqi soldiers are walking from northern Iraq to their homes in southern Iraq with no provisions and in some cases no shoes or sandals. I can't find anything to link to yet, it's showing live on CNN.

What's Up, Katie?

Katie Couric says Saddam taken, "hopefully", to Syria. Hopefully?! To Syria?! Hopefully you'll go to Syria to meet up with him.

Better Late Than Never

Ed Koch talks about the The Anti-Americans

Also heard on CNN

Arabs from other countries who came to Iraq to help fight the US are going home, having been used as human shields. No link to be found as of yet.

Dr. Rummy

Sex tips from Donald Rumsfield.

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