Thursday, April 03, 2003

I Thought This Guy Had More Sense

Jordan's King Abdullah II Wednesday described the U.S.-led war on Iraq as an "invasion" and the Iraqis killed by coalition forces as "martyrs."

Is he insane too? Are Arabs so blinded by their religion they can't see facts right in front of their faces?

He also rejected a new Iraqi government that would be imposed on the people, saying the "Iraqi people alone have the right to choose their leaders ... we cannot imagine that a people would accept a leadership imposed from outside and against its will."

I don't remember anyone saying they were going to impose a government on the Iraqi people. We're imposing a change of government, true, but they will have more choice in the type of government they will have than they did under Saddam. Is he saying Saddams government wasn't imposed on them? Since he went to an American university and lived here I would expect him to make a little more sense. Then again, perhaps that's why he thinks that way - our universities aren't exactly bastions of freedom themselves. I bet he believes the Iraqis voted 100% for Saddam too.

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