Sunday, April 06, 2003

Did I Do That?

Satuday evening we spent at my inlaws. We had barbecue (Puerto Rican style) and watched a movie. We started watching "The Road to Perdition" but it was boring so we put on "The Lord of the Rings." It was the first time I'd seen it. It was actually alot better than I thought it would be but about half way through I started wishing it would end. It was good but
I was tired of watching. We stayed to the end. We got home late (1am or 2am actually, Daylight savings time) and I had to wake up with the chickens (kids) because Irma doesn't do that.

I couldn't sit around so I went outside and cut down a small tree I needed to get rid of because It was planted too close to the house. By that time Irma got up and after a while we went to eat (chinese) and went to Home Depot. She wanted to get paint for Joshua's room and I was interested in citrus trees. I found a tangerine tree and a valencia orange tree and bought them. I wanted to get a tall ladder but they cost too much. After that we went to get my hair cut and some shopping at Walmart. We got home around 6pm. After unloading the van I said I wasn't going to plant the trees, I figured I'd do it in the morning. I have to work tonight so usually I just go to bed. I was feeling so good though I decided to plant them.

I dug the holes with the help of Joshua and James. They helped me by throwing dirt on me, jumping in the hole while I'm trying to dig, turning on the water and having a water fight, you know, normal kid stuff. After the first, I said I was done but still felt good and decided to finish the other too. So now I have my two trees in the ground and I'm so happy about it. I wouldn't normally have done that. I bought a tangerine tree a few years ago and never got around to planting it, it finally died. We buy plants sometimes and they just stay in the pots forever. I've done more gardening in the past week than in the past two years! I love gardening but I never had the energy to do it. If this keeps up I'm gonna have a super landscape and garden.

When we came in we all got in trouble because we were filthy. We all had to do some serious washing. I managed to pack my cut finger with dirt, it hurt for a little while but I guess it went numb. I cleaned it good though. It's almost time to go to work so I have to get ready. I don't mean for this blog to become a commercial but I am very excited that I found what my body has apparently been missing because I've never been so productive in my life. I would get tired watching people who never stopped and couldn't imagine how they had the energy. It feels good, twice as much because I accomplished so much and because I just feel so much better from the Seasilver.

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