Friday, April 25, 2003

JetBlue Airlines Doing Well

JetBlue airlines is doing so well it's buying 65 new aircraft with an option for 50 more. Great news for an American company right? One problem, they're buying French Airbus aircraft.

"We believe today's release is positive on all fronts," Chase said. "We have been worried about cost execution at JetBlue, but the last two quarters clearly demonstrate that JetBlue is delivering."

No Mr. Chase, it is not positive on all fronts. If you would have thought of more than your immediate bottom line and bought American aircraft, then it would have been positive on all fronts. French aircraft?

On The Smoking Gun

If I were the dictator of Iraq before the American liberation I would have made damn sure their were no weapons of mass destruction for the Americans to find in order to hurt their credibility. But Iraq was not just a normal country with weapons of mass destruction, it was a truly evil and sick "hell" for it's people and regardless of its weapon status needed what it got. Where's the 'smoking gun?'

Letter to Janeane Garofalo

Rachel Lucas wrote a letter to Janeane, who desperately needs to wake up and face reality.

Tariq Aziz Surrendering?

Tariq Aziz is reportedly "talking to U.S. officials about conditions for a surrender." How about this codition, you surrender like a man and we won't come and hunt you down like a dog. What is this "condition" crap? They do have some big kahunas over there don't they?

I Woke Up

Latley when I put James for a nap, he stays in bed for a while, playing with a toy or something, then he'll get out of the crib and come to me saying, "I woke up!" All without sleeping at all. Yes, he goes right back to bed!

Today, for the first time ever, he just walked out here and told me there was a monster. A monster, outside his window.

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