Friday, January 03, 2003

David'sBlog has some really good stuff today. Especially the 2nd letter from a Vietnam Vet.

And Best of the web never fails bring out the truth in a humorous way.

Wanna see a list of the Most Corrupt Leaders of the Year?

Let's see we have 12 million and we only want 6 million...hmm. If we chop them all up with that will take too much manpower. I know, let's cut off their food supplies and starve them. Yea, that's the ticket. "We don't want all these extra people".

American it too late?

Cal Thomas writes Why not cloning?

Thomas Sowell writes of Dangers ahead -- from the left

I almost forgot about this one. Do you have kids? Throwing their weight around

James is feeding the turtles. He loves feeding them and has taken over the job. I have to get up from here, take a shower and do some cleaning. Kids are so messy. Adults aren't much better! Gotta do wash too.

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