Friday, January 31, 2003

I called the VW dealer this morning and only one hose came in, the other won't be in till Monday. That sucks. Now I'll have to get Irma's mother to babysit so I can fix it and not have to worry about what James is doing. I was hoping to get it fixed Sunday.

I couldn't login to the internet this morning again. The log said I was already logged in. This time my ISP was available so I called and was surprised that they couldn't tell me anything except to say my account was in use and it must be because someone has my password. I don't know how. They couldn't even disconnect it for me. I had them change my password and soon after I was able to login again. Yeah!

I put James for a nap and he won't go to sleep. He just got up and sneaked into my room and got my mints. He has a fascination with mints. I put him back in the crib but he's just playing. I can't sleep until I'm sure he's sleeping or he will sneak out and get into trouble. He usually stays in the crib but when he doesn't want to sleep and he's wired he does try to sneak out. I just realized it's because there is a truck next door and it sounds like the garbage truck (he has a fascination with garbage trucks too). I wish it would go away.

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