Friday, January 24, 2003

I know compared to the rest of the country I have nothing to complain about but I hate this cold weather! It wouldn't be so bad if it actually snowed. No such luck here. It's so warm hot here all year long everyone has plants that die if the temperature goes below freezing. We have the news giving us play by play temperature updates when it gets this cold. If the temperature goes below 32 degrees for an hour or so it's OK but any longer and the crops die, farmers lose all kinds of money and there is a state of emergency for farmers.

James still insists on taking his shoes and socks off every chance he gets (especially in the car) and he takes his shirt off half the time at home. I don't think he understands cold weather.

Nealz Nuze for Jan. 23, 2003 has some great stuff. New Jersey teachers union...unbelievable! I like Debating the War on Terror. And "Unintended Consequences?" is illustrative of politics in this country.

Saddam to get `B' report card from nuclear agency; Washington mulling extended inspections.

With so many people inside and outside this country thinking contrary to common sense, in fact in a way which, if followed, would result in the destruction and overthrow of the United States and western civilization, you have to wonder what could possibly be causing them to be so blind to the obvious. Every day we delay taking care of Saddam Hussein we are letting him dig in deeper and giving him the advantage of plenty of time for preparation to kill more of our troops. And it is our troops who will be on the line here. Not German or French troops. Our friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers. Our people. And members of our own government are shamelessly using our troops lives to (they hope) solidify their own positions and gain further control of the power of this government and it's people.

It's obvious to me that there are forces at work here beyond our comprehension. Why would people act in a way which would insure their own destruction? They really want to convert to Islam and live under a government like that of Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or any other Islamic country. Really?

In the United States not everyone lives according to your beliefs. Sometimes that is frustrating. But you can live just about any way you want. You have the freedom to worship the God (god) of your choice or not, in whatever way you believe. You can live the lifestyle you choose in relative peace. The government is not going to jail you, kill you, or otherwise harass your life for living your chosen lifestyle as long as you don't harm others. Granted, we seem to slip now and again and things happen that shouldn't but for the most part that is a rare occurance. Do you REALLY understand the significance of that? How rare that is in this world? How special this country is? Do you realize it is slipping away, that there is a cost to maintain it, that the rest of the world desperately wants to take it away from you?

These "anti-war" types really need to get a clue. But they won't because they are being influenced by forces beyond our physical dimension. By demonic beings living amongst us and influencing our minds, shaping our societies and trying to bring humanity to it's end. So says the Bible, believe it or not. World War II was brought about by those same beings trying to force the return of Jesus Christ before the world was ready for it and was a taste of things to come. There are wars going on in that spiritual dimension, wars of wills. Demonic beings trying to force God off His intended timeline and plan to bring about the destruction of mankind and angelic beings defending against that and shaping things the way God intends. Balancing between what man wants to do, because He is letting us have our way in shaping the world and governing ourselves (He stays out of your life and doesn't force His will on you), and what is the plan of God. And Gods plan will run it's course exactly as He intends.

And that's the Good News. God is in total control even though it doesn't seem so. In fact He stays out of our way because we don't want Him. And still the sun shines, the rain quenches and you take your next breathe and have the opportunity to enjoy another day of freedom in this United States of America. It will not always be so.

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