Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I tried to logon the internet all night but it kept saying I was already logged on. All night. I called home to see if the computer was connected and it was not. And I couldn't call the ISP because they have 9 - 5 hours. Wonderful. I hope it doesn't happen again. I watched Pearl Harbor instead. I never saw it before, it was pretty good.

I would like to draw your attention to an essay that should be required reading for every American. Please take a few minutes out of your day and read it. Afterward you can go back to the wonderful life you lead here in our bubble of safety (for the time being) we call the United States of America. It's called War and you'll find it over at Eject! Eject! Eject!.

Over Seventy-Three Million Americans Missing! This is as important as the other one and it's been getting more attention lately.

James has been a real handful. Today he just refused to take a nap. He stayed in the crib but just would not go to sleep. I brought him to my bed after a (long) while and he just wanted to play, There was no sleep in his eyes. He's like a man stuck in a (not even) 3 year old body. He thinks he can do anything. He likes to make coffee for his mother and actually does much of it, I pour the water and milk and handle the hot coffee. He scoups the coffee grounds and sugar and stirs. Then he takes a sip to test it.

He wants me took cook mac n' cheese so off I go. He better eat it!

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