Monday, January 13, 2003

  "If the United States left, I wouldn't mind," says Kim Young Ran, 29. "If North Korea wants nuclear weapons, I think they should have them. The U.S. and so many other countries have them. There's no way North Korea will attack us with their nuclear weapons. I don't think so. We're the same country. You don't bomb and kill your family. We share the same blood."

"I don't think the United States understands that we are one country," said Kim Young Jin, 34, a gray-suited banker.

The quotes are from this article.

They don't teach history anywhere I guess. The generation coming into power now has no idea of the horrors of war. Real war. Not video game, hit the target, win the game TV war. All out, life or death, nothing barred, 30 or 40 million dead, entire cities burning, stench of death everywhere war until you're so sick of it you have nothing left to give, no heart or soul left. After world war II, the world had had enough war.

Sure there have been wars since, but nothing to compare to world war II. The nations don't remember, they really have no idea. Now we are approaching a third world war, slowly but surely. And we don't know how to stop. Everything we do makes it worse. Doing nothing won't stop it either. If we do nothing it will still continue to get worse, too many people are getting caught up in the fever. It's taking on a life of it's own.

The German economy is not doing well. Comparisons to the 1930's are being drawn. A United Europe headed by Germany will rise up as it did pre-world war II. This generation does not know, does not understand the forces at work here. Anti-Americanism in Germany is on the rise and while it's not yet like Korea, it will get there. There is alot of resentment. The Germans are a strong and proud people.

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Now go take a walk on the boardwalk and relax.

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