Friday, January 17, 2003

What would they do about Hitler?

If the American people spoke as one to stop the nonsense going on in Iraq and N. Korea there would be no need for war. If you stand up to a bully he will back down.
But of course these leaders are fully aware that they are tearing this country apart. Of course we don't want war. We don't want any trouble with anyone. The FACT is, living in this world is like living with a pack of wolves. If you're the alpha male, you damn well better not show any weakness or they will take you down. And we are showing weakness and they are gathering around and they will rejoice to bring us down. It's raw human nature. That's the world we live in. Not fantasy, utopian, star trek federation, socialist bullshit. That's not real no matter how much you hope for it. The only way we can have relative peace is if everyone else fears us enough to keep them from thinking about starting anything, but it's way too late. Too many have too much for that.

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