Monday, January 06, 2003

I have a few things to add. You have to read Kaddish For Zelig posted on The Truth about Israel There is always a link to this site in my list of blogs. These people don't deserve what they are going through and have more than earned their right to exist as a nation through their own persistance, intelligence, hard work, and blood. Too much blood.

And I know most people don't believe it, but the nation of Israel consists mostly of descendants of the tribe of Judah mixed with Levi, Simeon and some Benjamin. In the bible Judah and Israel were two separate nations. The House of Israel to the north with it's capital at Samaria and the House of Judah with it's capital at Jerusalem. I &II Kings and I & II Chronicles deal with the seperate histories of Judah and Israel. II Kings 16:5,6 shows Israel at war with Judah.

Israel was taken captive over many years by Assyria and were brought out of Israel where they eventually were sifted through the nations. II Kings 17:6-18 tells you why. Only Judah was left. Judah has always kept the Sabbath and therefore did not lose sight of who they were. The Israelitish nations completely lost all knowledge of their ancestry. Today you find The United States of America and Great Britain the only nations ever who could fulfill the prophecies concerning Israel, which were to become the greatest single nation and the greatest company of nations. Brother nations. Mannassah and Ephraim.

I'm not gonna go through all this, you most likely couldn't care less anyway. Suffice to say, if you are interested, go here and choose Europe and America in Prophecy, put in your address, click Submit and they will send it right out. Free of charge and free of anoyances. They won't bother you for anything else. Read it ONLINE here but it's very long.

OK, I didn't mean to start rambling on like that. My ramblings have nothing to do with that website - it's a great website!

I did want to add a few links:

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